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MOSFETs Lower On-resistance for HiRel Designs

International Rectifier’s R6 line of 100-V, 150-V, 200-V and 250-V radiation-hardened (RAD-Hard) MOSFETs offer low values of on-resistance to improve efficiency in high-reliability (HiRel) power management applications. According to the vendor, these devices feature 40% better on-resistance than competing devices. A list of available devices appears below in the table.

“DC-DC converters, motor controls and solid-state switching circuits with input voltages of 24V to 48V in launch vehicles, satellites and other demanding applications can be made more compact, reliable and efficient with IR’s new R6 devices,” said Rick Furtney, International Rectifier vice president, HiRel Sector Business Unit.

The new R6 MOSFETs have SEE ratings to LET of 90MeV and improved prompt dose response and SEE absorption versus other equivalent devices. In addition, the new devices are optimized for use in Hybrid—MIL-PRF-38534 “Class K” modules for satellite applications, including low Earth orbit (LEO), middle earth orbit (MEO), geostationary earth orbit (GEO) and deep space missions. Devices are available in surface-mount as well as new low-ohmic TO-254 and TO-257 packages. Tabless TO-254 and TO-257 packages also are available.

Radiation reports are available on the HiRel Radiation Reports page at www.irf.com/product-info/hi-rel/radrpt.html. The R6 mid-voltage RAD-Hard MOSFETs are available immediately. Pricing begins at $290.63 each for the IRHNJ67130 in 1000-unit quantities.

Part Number Package BVDSS (V) RDS(on) (Ohm) I (max) (A) QV (nC)
IRHNA67160 SMD-2 100 0.010 56 220
IRHMS67160 Low-ohmic TO-254 100 0.011 45 165
IRHNJ67130 SMD-0.5 100 0.042 22 35
IRHYS67130CM Low-ohmic TO-257 100 0.042 20 50
IRHNJ67134 SMD-0.5 150 0.088 19 50
IRHYS67134CMd> Low-ohmic TO-257 150 0.090 19 50
IRHNA67164 SMD-2 150 0.018 56 230
IRHNA67260 SMD-2 200 0.028 63 240
IRHMS67260 Low-ohmic TO-254 200 0.029 45 240
IRHNJ67230 SMD-0.5 200 0.130 16 42
IRHYS67230CM Low-ohmic TO-257 200 0.130 16 42
IRHMS67264 Low-ohmic TO-254 250 0.041 45 220
IRHNA67264 SMD-2 250 0.040 50 220

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