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MOSFET Suits Synchronous Rectification

The 160-A, 7-pin IRF2907ZS-7PPbF expands the International Rectifier (IR) family of high-performance 75-V and 100-V HEXFET synchronous rectification MOSFETs. Typical applications include server switch-mode power supply (SMPS) rectification with 12-V output, active O-Ring for telecom 48-V rails and 24-V input dc-dc converters. The 160-A rating provides an additional safety factor against surge current in switching applications. This and other electrical specifications are shown in the table.

The new IR device has an enhanced 7-pin lead frame that allows larger diameter wire-bonding, enabling the IRF2907ZS-7PPbF to achieve a relatively high current rating. In addition, the IRF2907ZS-7PPbF has a device on-resistance of 3.8 mΩ. The new high-current switching devices also are suitable for low-voltage motor drive applications. The devices are RoHS, lead-free, and qualified to Q101 grade and MSL1 moisture sensitivity. Pricing for the IRF2907ZS-7PPbF is $1.85 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

New 160-A, 75-V, 7-Pin D²pak HEXFET MOSFET

Part Number V(br)dss (V) RDS(on) typ. (milliohms) RDS(on) max (milliohms) ID (A) (calc.) ID (A) (pack limit) Qg typ. (nC) Qg max. (nC)
IRF2907ZS-7PPbF 75 3.0 3.8 170 160 180 270

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