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Modules Ease Design of Variable-Speed Motor Drives

International Rectifier (IR) has introduced a set of 600-V, 16-A and 20-A integrated power modules (IPMs), expanding the analog power stage solutions offered as part of IR’s iMOTION integrated design platform. The new IPMs simplify the design of compact, high-performance variable-speed motion control power stages for air conditioners and commercial freezers, for example.

Designed specifically for 85-Vac to 253-Vac variable speed motor drives for energy efficient appliances, these IPMs integrate IR’s proprietary high-voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) with a 3-phase inverter power stage. The 16-A device addresses the 750-W to 1.2-kW power range while the 20-A devices can accommodate 750-W to 2.2-kW. All new IPMs are packaged in efficient, single in-line packages (SIPs) with improved thermal characteristics.

The IRAMY20UP60B is a 20-A, 600-V IPM with internal shunt resistor that combines IR’s low VCE(on) non-punch-through and short-circuit rated IGBT technology with IR’s 3-phase HVIC gate driver. The IPM has a built-in temperature monitor. The integrated HVIC enables overcurrent and overtemperature protection, as well as undervoltage lockout, delivering high levels of protection for fail-safe operation. The SIP3 package includes internal heat spreaders for the power die. Its single in line full-transfer mold structure minimizes PCB space and simplifies heatsink isolation and mounting. The new IRAMY20UP60B in SIP3 is an advanced solution available on the market for a fully integrated inverter driver application up to 20 A.

The IRAMX20UP60A is a 20-A, 600-V IPM that does not include a shunt resistor but is packaged in a more compact SIP2 outline. An open emitter configuration of the low-side IGBT switches offer easy current feedback and overcurrent monitoring for high precision and reliable control. The IRAMX20UP60A also is a full-transfer mold structure and has internal heat spreaders for the power die for maximum thermal efficiency.

The IRAMX16UP60B, offering similar functions and features to its 20-A counterparts, is rated at 16-A and is for motors in the 750-W to 1.2-kW power range. The IRAMX16UP60B also comes in the SIP2 package, includes internal shunt resistor, temperature monitor and all the safe-fail features of the IRAM product family.

The new IRAMX16UP60B is pin-to-pin compatible with the existing IRAMS10UP60B while the new IRAMX20UP60A is pin-to-pin compatible with the already available IRAMS10UP60A and IRAMX16UP60A, delivering a simple path to upgrade or expand power level in existing designs.

Samples of IRAMX16UP60B, IRAMX20UP60A and IRAMY20UP60B are available immediately. Pricing starts from $10.95 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

For more information, visit www.irf.com/product-info/imotion.

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