Power Electronics

Module Supplier Signs Distribution Agreements

As part of its program to strengthen local support, gain a closer understanding of customers’ culture and language, and as part of its ongoing strategy to achieve the highest levels of communication and service, Ericsson Power Modules (EPM) has signed distribution agreements with European distributors Ultimate Renaissance and the French power expert BM Energie.

“The combined expertise in the field of power supplies and energy management of Ultimate Renaissance and BM Energie will add significant value to Ericsson Power Modules’ products and services to a broad range of customers,” said Jan Sandström, distribution manager at Ericsson Power Modules.

Under the agreements, Ultimate Renaissance will support Ericsson Power Modules’ sales in Italy, France and Spain, serving global customers and expanding demand creation in many of the market segments addressed by EPM’s products portfolio. Meanwhile, by its specificity BM Energie will support industrial and computerized applications, without excluding demand creation in other business areas.

“By the nature of the industry in Southern Europe, and the extension of Ericsson Power Modules’ portfolio to intermediate bus architectures and its strong development of a broad range of point-of-load products, both distributors will contribute to increase the level of support to all of Ericsson Power Modules’ customers moving forward on the next generation of power management.”

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