Power Electronics

Modular Jack with LEDs

Kycon's latest modular jack for telecommunications and LAN applications features integrated LEDs that provide easy identification of transmit/receive and line status. The LEDs are available in green (power) and yellow (transmit/receive).

The right angle RJ45 with LEDs is fully shielded and has enhanced top and side grounding tabs for superior conductivity, panel grounding and EMI/RFI protection. It also features snap in board retention tabs to provide additional stability after soldering. The LEDs are located at the top of the connector for improved visibility.

This PCB mount RJ45 is made of black Nylon 46 high-temp thermoplastic for wave and reflow soldering compatibility. The contact material is nickel-plated phosphor bronze, with selectively plated gold on contact area and tin-lead on solder tails.

For more information, visit www.kycon.com.

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