Power Electronics

Modular Approach Customizes High-voltage Supplies

Kaiser Systems’ XLS202 is a modular approach to custom-designed high-voltage power supplies. Modular subassemblies allow the use of proven product technology for multiple systems rather than developing unique technology for each product. This modular approach also decreases lead times and facilitates upgrades because much of the design and development is already accomplished with each module.

Although the supply uses specific modules, optional equipment and feature-sets can be added quickly and easily to the modular base, allowing the product to be tailored to customer specifications. The XLS202 detects when it is connected to a low- or high-voltage source and automatically adjusts its output power based on the input source. XLS202 also protects itself from external equipment malfunctions, which sometimes cause damaging surges and power fluctuations.

XLS202 is available with output power of 2000 W at voltages of 250 V to 4000 V. It meets EN60601-1 and EN60950 safety approvals, and its leakage current is less than 300 µA for medical applications. Additionally, the supply has been certified with the TUV CUE Mark, having been tested to all applicable standards of U.S., Canadian and European safety approvals. Conducted emissions are below Class A limits with no additional filtering. For pricing and availability, contact Kaiser.

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