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Modine's Electronics Cooling Group Expands Taiwan Facility

Modine Manufacturing Co. through its Electronics Cooling Group, Thermacore International Inc., will expand its Taiwanese facility to more than double the production of its high-performance heat pipes.

The expansion will increase the production capacity for sintered heat pipes at the Hsinchu, Taiwan, facility to more than 1.2 million units per month.

"This expansion allows us to meet the rapidly growing needs of our customers as more computers are designed with heat pipe enhanced thermal solutions. Those new designs will create an enormous demand for heat pipes," said Thomas Neyens, general manager, Thermacore.

"This is the first step in our plan to expand heat pipe capacity in Asia. We will continue to invest in maximizing our capacity, in anticipation of increasing market demand. We want to be ready to help our customers excel as their needs change," said Neyens.

Currently, most laptop computer models include a heat pipe as part of their thermal solution, but most desktop computers do not. Starting with 2004 models, that’s changing. More than 100 million desktop computers sold annually could potentially require heat pipe technology. Today, many manufacturers are including multiple heat pipe thermal solutions in their desktop, notebook and server computers, which opens a greater market to heat pipes and a greater demand.

"This is the future for thermal solutions. It's an underserved market, and we are putting the infrastructure in place to support the growing demands of the marketplace," said David Rayburn, Modine's president and CEO. "This expansion is critical both strategically and financially," said Rayburn.

For more information, visit www.modine.com.

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