Power Electronics

Mixed-signal IC Company Appoints VP

Primarion, a mixed-signal semiconductor company that provides digital control of power and I/O solutions, recently appointed Stephen Pullen as vice president of systems engineering. In this role, Pullen will bring system knowledge and understanding in order to clearly match chip functionality and design against the challenging requirements of modern power supply applications.

Pullen believes that Primarion’s technology will enable leading solutions for managing power conversion. Pullen has known and worked with Primarion for three years as a customer, and looks forward to helping Primarion advance its technology.

Pullen has nearly 30 years of R&D and power system development expertise. His management background and experience spans the telecom, communication, military and computer markets in design, marketing and business development for the power industry. Prior to joining Primarion, he was director of North American Development and chairman of dc-dc standard products at Delta Products, a switching power supply manufacturer. Before Delta, he served as director of engineering at Vicor Corp., where he earned significant experience in high density design and packaging. At Celestica Power, he managed multiple design centers, including a custom ASIC team. Pullen holds a BSEE from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, N.Y.

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