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A mini MBA in green power

The Green Power Mini-MBA is billed as the renewable energy industry's most intensive renewables training course. It covers the science, technology and business of renewable energy. It is a five-day covering the various technologies that make up renewable energy and is said to show attendees how to create a business plan and strategy to incorporate renewable sources within a competitive, realistic energy market simulation.

Topics include quantifying energy availabilities, the differing characteristics of renewable energies and how they contribute to an “energy mix,” understanding natural limits (and opportunities), issues of scale and land‐use, how power prices are determined and why they vary, issues in integrating renewables into power grids, off vs. on‐grid renewable markets, the concept of “Levelized Cost of Electricity” (LCOE), feed‐in‐tariffs, production certificates, tax incentives and other policy tools, their rationale, evolution, economic effects and market impact, policy trends and predictions, and many more.

The next course in the U.S. is scheduled to take place in San Francisco in December.

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