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Mini Connector Offers New Sealing Options

Tyco Electronics has enhanced the Sealed Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connector system. This product is a small, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connector system that adds splash proofing to a field-proven product design. The latest enhancements to this product provide for alternative ganged wire seals, increasing throughput in the application and decreasing applied cost. Additionally, the ganged wire seals enable existing Miniature Universal MATE-N-LOK applications to be field retrofitted into sealed applications. Applications for this product can be found in household appliances and other applications requiring small centerlines, splash proofing and resistance to high humidity.

Sealed Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors mate with all standard Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors and employ positive, polarized keys with latching orientation to ease assembly. Furthermore, the contact system remains unchanged from standard Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors. Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK application tooling also is unchanged.

Sealed Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors are available as a dual-row product in 2 through 10 and 16 positions. Cycle durability for these new connectors is rated at 20 with contact retention of at least 8 lb per contact. The contacts are rated for 600 V, ac or dc, at 9.5 A maximum. Housings are molded UL94V-0 nylon. Contacts are brass with pre-plated tin or duplex gold plating.

Sealed Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK connectors are priced at $0.15 per mated line for 50,000-piece orders. This price includes housings, contacts and seals.

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