Power Electronics

Microwave SLC

AVX Corp.'s new "Z" microwave single layer X7S dielectric capacitor (SLC) family replaces Z5U and Y5V dielectrics currently used in SLC capacitors in order to improve on the inherent weaknesses of these systems— limited operating temperature range and widely variable temperature characteristics. Capable of operating over an expanded temperature range of -55° to 125°, they also offer tighter temperature characteristics of ± 22%.

Applications include decoupling, wireless LANs, and use in the telecommunications market. Made from fine grained, high-density ceramic dielectric, the surface finish is well suited for thermo compression wire bonding. In addition, sputtered electrodes provide exceptional termination strength.

For more information, phone AVX Corp. at 843-946-0414 or visit www.avxcorp.com.

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