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Microsemi Sheds Light on Accelerated LED Strategy

Microsemi Corporation, Irvine, Calif., has recently introduced its new UPBLED470A UltraBright blue light-emitting diodes today at the Strategies and Light Conference being held in Burlingame, Calif., while revealing its systems engineering strategy for next-generation LED products, including light engine architectures and a breakthrough LED on silicon technology.

Microsemi's new blue UltraBright LEDs combine a derivative of the company's patented Powermite(tm) packaging, called Optomite,(tm) and gallium nitride (GaN)-based die from Cree, a combination that allows higher power in a smaller surface mount package. This product joins Microsemi's first LED, the blue MegaBright UPBLED470B that also is based on GaN die from Cree. As described at the conference, these two conventional LEDs are the first in what will become a line of high-power, high-brightness blue and white LEDs from Microsemi.

"While our patented power packaging technology is chip agnostic, Microsemi will use the technology that best fits the advantages of our Optomite package," commented Manuel Lynch, VP of Business Development.

Microsemi also defined its LED driver product line solutions as including parallel and series drivers, inductor-based boost, charge pump voltage doublers and current sink regulators as well as a future intelligent driver that will provide constant brightness and power, and enable wide temperature operation to offset heat and over current-generated electro-migration effects that cause failures in the form of reduced light output in high brightness nitride-based LEDs.

The company estimates it has over 50% design win penetration for LED drivers in next generation PDAs.

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