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Micro-SIM Card Socket Styles Maximize Space Savings

Molex Incorporated has expanded its micro-SIM card socket portfolio for mobile device manufacturers. Designed for smart phones, tablet PCs, GPS watches and other space-constrained applications, micro-SIM push-push card sockets deliver high contact and advanced card-retention features to prevent accidental ejection. The push-pull socket versions offer anti-shorting and card polarization features. A new card-tray version provides retention assurance and ease of user card insertion and extraction.

Measuring 12 mm x 15 mm, the Molex micro-SIM push-pull card is 52 percent smaller than its predecessor Mini-SIM card (15 mm x 25 mm). Available in 1.35, 1.40 and 1.45 mm heights, the push-pull style micro-SIM sockets offer the same space savings and higher contact forces, with a wide finger area on the shell for easy insertion and withdrawal of a micro-SIM card. Currently the only micro-SIM tray version on the market that does not require a tool for card extraction, the user-friendly Molex micro-SIM tray style socket features smooth extraction and secure locking to prevent card fly-out.

The three new Molex micro-SIM socket styles feature a smaller footprint, lower profile height, and high contact normal-force (0.30 N) and reliability. Advanced polarization features help prevent against improper card insertion.

Available in standard 6-circuit and optional 8-circuit styles, all versions of the halogen and lead-free micro-SIM card sockets are ELV and RoHS certified.

Molex Incorporated
Part Number: Micro-Sim

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