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Math Analysis Software Improves Ease of Use

Maple 10 is being introduced as a major release of Maplesoft’s flagship tool for solving mathematical problems and creating interactive technical applications. "Maple 10 dramatically reduces the learning curve, changing math from a burden to an enabling competitive advantage," said Jim Cooper, Maplesoft CEO. By shifting the emphasis from creating math to making it more accessible and easy to use, Maple 10 ensures the best designs are achieved quickly and easily using mathematically optimized solutions.

Maple 10 seamlessly combines numeric and symbolic calculations, explorations, mathematical notation, documentation, buttons and sliders, as well as graphics and animations that can be shared and reused. Maple 10 enables users to convey information in a familiar way, such as a textbook or technical paper, and also as executable documents that provide the final answer.

A sophisticated Math Equation Editor allows users to create textbook-quality equations in natural mathematical notation, interactively. It includes expression templates, a handwriting palette, more than 1000 mathematical symbols and automatic equation numbering. This provides full content and presentation control to the user. In addition, context-sensitive menus provide only applicable operations depending on the context, such as math operations, adjusting plots, applying units and changing palettes. Meanwhile, task templates and interactive task assistants enable fill-in-the-blank problem solving for more than 200 different tasks.

Other improvements in release 10 relate to knowledge capture. For example, full presentation control enables users to write and layout textbook-style content, which includes live calculations while hiding the computation details. This capability allows knowledge to be captured and shared, providing not only the answer, but also the thinking behind the analysis.

Furthermore, Deep Math features are offered in this upgrade, including enhanced code generation capability that ensures any math model can automatically generate the user's choice of C, Fortran, Java, MATLAB or Visual Basic software code for embedded applications. In addition, a new statistics package includes a collection of functions and interactive tools for mathematical statistics and data analysis. The package supports a variety of common statistical tasks such as quantitative and graphical data analysis, symbolic manipulation of random variables, simulation and curve fitting.

Single-user licenses of Maple 10 are available for $1995. Volume, upgrade and academic discounts apply.

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