Power Electronics

Magnetics Supplier Tapped to Deliver Coupled Inductors

Pulse, a Technitrol company, a manufacturer of magnetic components, has been selected by Volterra Semiconductor to supply multiphase, coupled inductors for use with Volterra’s fourth-generation voltage regulator chipsets. Volterra’s voltage regulator intellectual property, along with Pulse’s coupled inductors, enables next-generation solutions needed for high-performance CPUs and graphical processing units (GPUs) used in personal computers, workstations and servers.

“Pulse is pleased that we have been selected as a licensee by Volterra,” commented Michael Arkin, Pulse Power Division product line manager. “The Volterra chipset offers industry-leading ripple and transient performance, solving a difficult system problem in high-current, multiphase voltage regulator module (VRM) applications. Combined, these products provide a low-risk path to the higher-performance voltage regulator systems needed in these applications.”

"We are proud to have licensed our multi-phase coupled inductors to support our patented coupled inductor topology to Pulse, one of the industry's leading magnetic components manufacturers," said Bill Numann, vice president of marketing for Volterra. "This topology serves as an important market driver for our scalable voltage regulator semiconductor chipsets. It allows our products to further reduce the need for external capacitor components in the voltage regulation system by a factor of two or more in high-transient applications, such as powering CPUs and GPUs.”

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