Power Electronics

Magnetek Unveils Compact Energy Stations

Magnetek Inc. recently introduced two new compact energy stations suitable for wireless telecom base stations, roadside terminals, remote switching cabinets and other installations requiring compact, modular dc power.

Packing 2000 W and 3000 W respectively, the new energy stations slide easily into standard rack shelving. The 2000-W model is 3.5-in. (2U) high, and the 3000-W model is 5.25-in. (3U) high. In both cases, the power density is nearly 3 W per cubic inch, making these the most powerful standard energy stations of their size. Both units automatically convert a wide range of ac input voltages into reliable 48-V dc output. Both feature modular redundancy, and individual rectifier modules can be added, removed or replaced without shutting anything down.

Adding to their high reliability and making them ideal for outdoor installations, both models operate in temperatures from at least –20°C to +55°C. Operational with or without battery back-up, they include easily programmable local and remote control (local and remote), communications and battery-management capability. Remote control is facilitated with Windows-based software.

For more information, visit www.magnetek.com.

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