Power Electronics

MacroFlow Version 2.7

Innovative Research Inc.’s MacroFlow Version 2.7 contains a number of enhancements in the graphical user interface (GUI), component library, and post-processing to significantly enhance the productivity of thermal design of cooling systems used in power electronics. Important enhancements include addition of components such as fan/pump, filter, cold plate, and heat exchanger, and the corresponding databases of characteristics from leading vendors, adjustment of fan characteristics for speed and density changes, more efficient solution algorithm, and substantially enhanced plotting and animation capabilities.

Version 2.7 enables analysis of large air flow systems (e.g., large heat sinks cooled using fans and blowers) and complex liquid-cooling systems (e.g., cold plates and heat exchangers arranged in complex manifolds) commonly employed in power electronics applications in a rapid, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

For more information, visit [email protected] or www.inres.com.

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