Lufthansa is looking for a few good green ideas

Lufthansa is looking for a few good green ideas


Got an idea that could help a cargo company protect the environment? Lufthansa Air Cargo would like to know about it. And if the idea is one of the top three, you can win a prize in its Air Cargo Innovation Contest.

The German company is looking for what it calls green solutions and add-on services it might adopt for the sales, handling, transport, or customer-service aspects of its business. The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 that is not an employee or relative of employee of Lufthansa Cargo or HYVE, the company running the contest. The top three winners get a trip to Frankfurt, Germany, where they will present their ideas to a team of Lufthansa Cargo mangers. They will also get some flight training and simulator time with one of the company’s flight captains, along with various amounts of air miles in the parent company’s Miles and More program, Europe’s leading frequent traveler program.

The contest will also have a Most Valuable Participant who will be chosen based on activity in discussions during the contest. He or she earns 25K Miles and More miles.

Here are a few contest entries already turned in:
Air-base as an “Eco-Hub.” Mount solar panels and piezoelectric energy harvesters at Lufthansa air terminals to make them self-sustaining in terms of electricity.
Rate my cargo. A way to encourage the use of packaging made from environmentally-safe materials.
GreenCargo. Reduce fuels use and carbon emissions my letting customers designate their packages as GreenCargo, which gives Lufthansa flexibility as to when the ship them. The goals is operate planes at their highest capacity and not waste space.

For more information, click here.

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