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LSI Corporation Licenses Rochester Electronics to Manufacture its Complete Line of Gate Array Products

Rochester Electronics is providing continuing manufacturing services of LSI Corporation's entire HCMOS (high-speed complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) ASIC (application-specific integrated circuits) gate array product offering. With authorization from LSI, Rochester has the capability to re-create and manufacture the complete silicon-gate HCMOS logic array product portfolio, which includes more than 10,000 product designs via nine technology nodes ranging from 3 micron to 0.35 micron.

Rochester's re-creation and manufacturing services eliminate the need for costly system re-designs. Rochester has already re-created, manufactured, and stocked fully qualified and validated customer designs using LSI's 2-micron LL7000 channeled gate array series (CMOS7K Series), 1.0-micron LCA100K channel-free gate array series, 0.6-micron LCA300K channel-free gate array series, 0.50-micron LCA500K channel-free gate array series, and 0.35-micron G10 cell-based series.

LSI provided its gate array product IP and hundreds of gate-array design archive databases to Rochester, enabling the continuing supply of authorized devices through Rochester's Semiconductor Replication Process(TM) (SRP(TM)). Rochester's sophisticated SRP combines archive identification, teardown of sample product, process match, source-to-target comparison, detailed SPICE analysis, and testing to the original manufacturer's specifications and beyond. This process guarantees that the Rochester-manufactured components exactly match the form, fit, and function of the LSI original gate array devices.

Rochester can also re-create and manufacture LSI's 1.5-micron LL10000 compacted channel-free gate array series (CMOS10K Series), 1.5-micron LMA9K channel-free gate array series, and any other LSI gate array device.

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