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Low-Voltage MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics has introduced more low-voltage N-channel MOSFETs based on its STripFET technology. They are designed for very high-frequency switching applications, making them attractive for computer motherboards and telecom.

The STripFET technology uses an optimized layout and updated manufacturing process to improve the gate charge, gate resistance and input capacitance characteristics. The low gate charge enables excellent switching behavior and the low gate resistance means fast transient response. The technology also offers an extremely low figure-of-merit, meaning reduced conduction and switching losses.

The parts being launched by STMicroelectronics include the STS12NH3LL, STSJ50NH3LL, STD55NH2LL, STD95NH02L, STL8NH3LL and STL50NH3LL.

The STS12NH3LL is a 30-V part rated at 12 A. The STSJ50NH3LL is a 30-V part rated at 50 A. Both offer a typical on-resistance of 0.008 Ω at 10 V and an optimal trade-off between on-resistance and gate charge at 4.5 V. Both are designed for use in high-frequency dc-dc converters for telecom applications and in power management circuits for laptops.

The STS12NH3LL is available in an SO-8 package and the STSJ50NH3LL in a PowerSO-8 package.

The STD55NH2LL is a 24-V part rated at 55 A. Typical on-resistance is 0.01 Ω at 10 V or 0.012 Ω at 4.5 V. The part has been designed for use in high-efficiency dc-dc converters. It is available in through-hole mounting IPAK (TO-251) or a surface-mounting DPAK (TO-252) packages.

The STD95NH02L is a 24-V part rated at 80 A. Typical On-resistance is 0.0039 Ω at 10V and 0.0055 Ω at 5V. Due to a very low gate charge, this device shows a typical value of 136.5nC*Qg at 10 V of figure-of-merit, that is the best available in the market. It is available in a surface-mounting DPAK (TO-252) package.

The STL8NH3LL and STL50NH3LL are being launched in PowerFLATTM packages, which offer an improved die-to-footprint ratio, a low profile and low thermal resistance.

The STL8NH3LL is a 30-V part rated at 8 A. Typical On resistance is 0.012 Ω at 10 V. It is available in a 3.3-mm x 3.3-mm PowerFLATTM package.

The STL50NH3LL is a 30-V part rated at 27 A. Typical On-resistance is 0.011 Ω at 10 V. It is available in a 6-mm x 5-mm PowerFLATTM package.

Both parts have been designed for use in synchronous rectification circuits in isolated dc-dc converters, and as a control FET in buck converters.

For more information, visit www.st.com/stripfet.

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