Power Electronics

Low VCE(SAT) Transistor Comes in SOT-223

Designed for portable electronic products requiring a small, energy-efficient power transistor, Central Semiconductor’s CZT7090L is a low-VCE(SAT) bipolar power transistor in an SOT-223 package. The PNP device offers a typical VCE(SAT) of 0.175 V at 1 A. At this current level, the maximum value of VCE(SAT) is 0.450 V.

Other key specifications include maximum ratings of 50 V for collector-base voltage, 40 V for collector-emitter voltage and 5 V for emitter-base voltage. In addition, the transistor specifies a maximum continuous collector current of 3 A and a peak pulse current of 6 A.

The CZT7090L is well suited for use in applications such as dc-dc converters for mobile systems, mobile LAN cards, motor control, power management and strobe flash units. Pricing starts at $0.18 each in quantities of 1000. Sample devices are available upon request.

For more information, visit www.centralsemi.com.

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