Power Electronics

Low-cost Spice Software Includes Power Supply Models

From Andresen Software comes 5Spice, an easy to use but powerful Spice simulation for circuit designers who use analog simulation several times a year. It provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, integrated graphing of results as well as easy inclusion of Spice/PSpice subcircuits from a user expandable library. 5Spice's self-documentation capability allows designers to immediately pick up their work after months off. Download a free demo at www.5Spice.com.

Version 1.10 features ac and dc sensitivity analysis, support for C. Basso’s popular switchmode supply models, and export of data and images to other programs. It also includes a Wizard to set Spice's simulation defaults, large signal harmonic distortion analysis, parameter passing to subcircuits and task oriented help written by a Spice user.

Additional features include an op amp model that allows op amp GBW to be swept, extensions to Spice3 behavioral modeling and behavioral models for simple logic gates. 5Spice is a pure simulation product, not burdened with a user interface dictated by PCB layout requirements. Most Spice concepts are represented visually in the schematic.

Individual and network licenses are available, priced at $199 for an individual license.

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