Power Electronics

Low-Cost 20-A Mini Power Relay

CIT RELAY & SWITCH introduces the WJ121 Series SPST-NO relay with switching capacity of 20 A at 125 Vac and 16 A at 250 Vac/28 Vdc. This heavy duty relay offers maximum switching power of 448 W, 4000 VA, maximum switching voltage of 300 Vac, 5000 Vrms coil-to-contact dielectric strength and meets 8-mm creepage requirements. Offering high in-rush capabilities, the WJ121 Series has coil voltage options from 5 Vdc to 48 Vdc.

This sturdy relay has strong resistance to shock and vibration. The WJ121 has an electrical life at rated load of 100K electrical operations and mechanical life of 10M cycles typical. Insulation resistance is 100MΩ at 500 Vdc.

With a miniature size of 28.9 mm × 12.6 mm × 24.3 mm, the WJ121 Series features PC pin termination and user-friendly topside Quick Connect contact terminals. Agency approvals include CE, UL (U.S. and Canada). The WJ121 incorporates the UL Class B insulation system as standard with Class F available. The CIT RELAY & SWITCH WJ121 series relay is ideal for use in household appliances along with HVAC, computer and computer peripherals, telecommunications, security, test equipment, instrumentation, RV, medical applications, air conditioner, automotive, motor control, and other industrial applications. Pricing starts at $1.49 in 1000-piece lots, dependent upon coil voltage.

For more information, visit www.citrelay.com.

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