Power Electronics

Log-Taper Digital Potentiometer IC

Catalyst Semiconductor’s CAT5116 is a new Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPP™) integrated circuit (IC) for the audio and optical equipment markets. The CAT5116 features a 100-tap, log-taper resistance with nonvolatile memory storage of wiper position.

The CAT5116 is controlled by an increment/decrement control signal that allows multiple potentiometers to be controlled by push-buttons or through a microcontroller I/O port. The chip select input allows multiple devices to be controlled in a system and is also used to store the wiper position prior to power-down.

The CAT5116 standby current is 1 µA maximum compared to competitive solutions that are specified at 750 µA maximum. Active current, drawn only during wiper position storage in EEPROM memory, is a low 1 mA maximum compared to competitive solutions that are specified three times higher. In addition, the CAT5116 ratiometric temperature coefficient is a low 20 ppm per degree centigrade maximum.

The CAT5116 is offered in 8-lead SOIC, TSSOP, DIP and MSOP packages covering the industrial, -40°C to 85°C temperature range.

For more information, visit www.catsemi.com.

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