Power Electronics

Linear Regulators Operate With Up to 72-V Input

Maxim has introduced the MAX6791-MAX6796 high-voltage, low-quiescent-current, single- or dual-output linear regulators capable of delivering up to 300 mA of output current. These devices offer a wide 5-V to 72-V operating input range, allowing them to withstand automotive load-dump conditions while consuming only 68 µA. These capabilities make them suitable for automotive applications.

All devices include capacitor-adjustable reset and watchdog timeout capabilities, which save space, cost and components. The reset circuit asserts when the monitored output falls below the reset threshold and stays asserted for the reset timeout period after the voltage exceeds that threshold. The MAX6791/MAX6793/MAX6795 have an open-drain reset output, while the MAX6792/MAX6794/MAX6796 have a push-pull reset output. Each device provides five fixed, typical reset timeouts ranging from 35 µs to 200 ms. The watchdog timer, which can be externally disabled, asserts a reset whenever the watchdog timer expires. The MAX6791 and MAX6792 also offer a windowed watchdog feature that asserts a reset when the signal to the watchdog is too fast or too slow.

The MAX6791 through MAX6794 are dual-output regulators capable of supplying up to 150 mA per output. The MAX6795 and MAX6796 have a single output capable of delivering up to 300 mA. These devices provide standard output voltage options of 5 V, 3.3 V, 2.5 V or 1.8 V, and can be adjusted to any voltage from 1.8 V to 11 V. The MAX6791 through MAX6794 also feature a second regulated output of 5 V.

Other regulator features include independent-enable inputs for turning each output on or off and self-holding input for keeping each output alive until it is released. The MAX6791 through MAX6796 are available in a small, thermally enhanced, 5-mm × 5-mm QFN package capable of dissipating up to 2.7 W. Prices start at $1.58 for 1000-piece quantities. Evaluation kits are available.

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