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LED Driver ICs Market

The LED driver ICs market grew 26% in 2010 to reach $1 billion, according to IMS Research. Macroblock Inc was the only top five suppliers who exceeded this growth, increasing its revenue share to 6%. Ranked 9th in 2006, they have made significant strides within the signage segment and are the 3rd ranked supplier in 2010.

"Even without any significant sales in LCD backlighting, Macroblock's revenue grew impressively by 44% in 2010," said Mitess Nandha, LED driver IC analyst at IMS Research. Macroblock's primary focus area is signage (including videowalls).

Texas Instruments Inc remained the dominant supplier, with 17% of the market, in 2010. With the acquisition of National Semiconductor Corp (NSM) not expected to close until late 2011, they remain separate entities in 2011. "Theoretically, if you combine both TI's and NSC's revenues, you would have an entity commanding nearly a quarter of this industry," commented Mitess.

Advanced Analogic Tech Inc (AATI) and Maxim Integrated Products Inc make up the remaining top 5 suppliers. Both have been diversifying their product offerings to eliminate their dependence on the mobile backlighting area. Maxim seems to have had better success as they have risen while AATI have fallen in the market share rankings. Interestingly, AATI's mobile expertise is one of the drivers for why they are being acquired by Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Suppliers focusing primarily on illumination have shown good growth. Although they have not broken into the top 5, they are moving up the rankings.

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