Power Electronics

Leakage Current Meter Measures Down to 10 µA

The TRMS clamp-on leakage current meter Model 565 from AEMC Instruments is designed to measure low ac currents such as leakage currents in ground conductors. Low currents are measured using the 60-mA and 600-mA ranges. Leakage current measurements up to 600 mA and up to 10-µA resolution—on a ground conductor or through the vector sum on multiconductors—can be accomplished. The Model 565 can be used as a standard clamp-on meter measuring up to 100-A rms as well as measuring Vac and Vdc, resistance and continuity.

All measurements are displayed on a 4-digit backlit LCD. The high sensitivity of the probe—10 µA and 100 µA—is possible through special jaw construction, designed to accommodate the most common conductors up to 1.1-in. diameter. The TRMS clamp-on leakage current meter Model 565 is priced at $269 each.

For more information, visit www.aemc.com.

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