Power Electronics

LDOs Push Input Range to 80 V

Three LDO regulators developed by Linear Technology accept input voltages as high as 80 V—an increase of 20 V or more over existing LDOs. The wide input voltage on these regulators makes them suitable in both automotive and telecom applications. For example, the LT3014 with its 3-V to 80-V input range can maintain a regulated output under “cold cranking” conditions when a car’s 12-V battery falls to just 3.5 V or when transients in the system hit the 60-V clamp level. This 20-mA LDO also features a quiescent current of 7 µA and a dropout voltage of 350 mV. The device is offered in a 5-lead ThinSOT and 8-lead DFN packages.

The LT3012 is 250-mA regulator capable of operating from a 4-V to 80-V input. This device consumes a mere 55 µA. Packaging is in 16-lead TSSOPs and 12-pin DFNs. Another 250-mA, 4-V to 80-V LDO, the LT3013 features a “power good” flag to indicate output regulation. This regulator consumes 65 µA of quiescent current. Both the LT3012 and the LT3013 are offered in 16-lead TSSOPs and 12-pin DFNs.

For more information, visit www.linear.com.

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