Power Electronics

LDO Positive Regulator

The AP1122 is a fixed-mode LDO positive regulator available in four different package options. Because its internal reference voltage 1.2 V, it will output a true 1.2 V with maximum of 1-A output current capability. Designed to provide well-regulated supply for low-voltage IC applications, such as high-speed bus termination and low current 1.2-V logic supply, it has less than 1.4-V dropout at full load current, making it suitable to provide well-regulated output of 1.2 V with 2.5-V input voltage.

Offering fast transient response, the AP1122 has output current limiting at 1.1 A and a built-in thermal shutdown for overheat protection. With an operating temperature range of 0°C to 150°C, it’s suited for power management designs supporting the Commercial and Industrial market.

For more information, visit www.anachip.com.

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