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Lambda Configurable Power Supply

Lambda has created the NV-350, a 350-W configurable ac-dc power supply that combines class-leading power density, high efficiency, low noise and excellent EMC performance in a compact design. At 6.6 W/cu in., the NV-350 offers designers unsurpassed performance for space-critical applications in instrumentation, broadcast, medical and high-end IT systems.

A member of the new NV-Power series, the NV-350 employs Lambda’s patented multiple resonant topology (MRT), which uniquely uses synchronous rectification to achieve efficiencies of up to 90%. By reducing power loss significantly, Lambda has not compromised size for power. The 350-W power supply comes in a very compact 1.6-in. x 3.75-in. x 10.9-in. package—compatible with 1 U enclosures as well as 2 U and 3 U card frames. And, at just over 28 oz, it weighs 20% less than competitive supplies.

The NV-350 is fully configurable and can provide between one and six outputs, with voltages ranging from 3.3 V to 32 V and currents up to 40 A; as many as three single- or dual-output modules can be selected. The transformers use a multiple-layer printed circuit board for the primary and a flexible circuit as secondary, a design that yields a high throughput of power and allows Lambda to use rapid configuring techniques in manufacturing the supply.

The NV-350 has no minimum load requirements and is available with a high-power standby output rated at 5 V, 2 A or 12 V, 1 A. Module good and inhibit signals come standard; ac good, global good and remote on/off are optional.

The NV-350 offers lower heat dissipation, with the power component more evenly distributed around the design, meaning it has no need for heat sinks. Its open construction allows for easy cooling. Moreover, a low airflow requirement enables the power supply to use a smaller, quieter fan. System air-cooled versions are also available. Because of its patented soft-switch MRT design, the NV-350 has inherently low emissions, aided by the use of silicon carbide Schottky diodes. Unique for this class of product, it has EN60601 medical approval combined with EN55022 Level B conducted emissions; it also has EN61010 and EN60950 approvals. In response to customer feedback expressing a desire for ease of use, Lambda has provided NV-350 customers with a choice of screw or IEC input connectors and output screw terminals carefully designed to avoid cable bunching.

The NV-350 is priced at $400 per unit (with four output configurations) in medium volumes.

For more information, visit www.lambdapower.com.

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