Power Electronics

Kits Eases Development of High-Power Converters

AMSC has introduced a power-conversion system developers kit for systems ranging from 60 kW to 225 kW. The PowerModule PM1000 Developers Kit (PDK) can eliminate or reduce the time normally devoted to building a power conversion system. It provides a platform for designers to quickly develop both the hardware and software elements of power-conversion systems ranging from 60 kW to 225 kW for an array of applications: ac-dc, dc-dc and dc-ac.

Engineers and lab managers can employ a PDK to address the power-conversion subsystems while devoting their full attention to their core activities. Power conversion can be a crucial factor in designing products for a broad range of application areas: distributed generation (such as wind turbines, fuel cells and photovoltaics); motor drives (for instance, ship propulsion, industrial automation and transportation); and distributed power networks (such as standard power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies and flywheel backup systems).

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