Power Electronics

Kilowatt-level Hot-swap Front Ends Achieve 18.3 W/in³

Power-One’s FNP1800-48 hot-swappable front-end power supply delivers 48 Vdc at 37.5 A (1800 W), delivering a power density of 18.3 W/in³. A lower-power version of this supply, the FNP1500-48, provides 48 Vdc at 31 A (1500 W) from the same size package as the FNP1800-48, simplifying system migration to the 1800-W product as power requirements increase. These hot-swap products feature I²C monitoring and control, and support parallel/redundant operation in networking and storage applications.

Extensive systems-level interface capabilities are available in these supplies. Status information is conveyed with front panel LEDs, logic signals and via an I²C management interface. In addition, the I²C bus can enable the power supply, control the speed of the internal fans, adjust the output voltage, and set the output-current limit. Start-up and housekeeping functions are powered by an isolated 12 Vdc at 1-A standby output.

An 1.6-in. × 5.6-in. × 11-in. package enables a 3-slot shelf to provide up to 5400 W. Additional features include an 85 Vac to 264 Vac universal input, a 40-Vdc to 56-Vdc output adjustment range, remote sense and an internal ORing circuit. Protections include overtemperature, output overvoltage and output overcurrent.

FNP models are designed to meet safety-agency requirements as per UL60950-1, CSA 60950-1-03, EN60950-1 and comply to the CE marking for the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Unit pricing, for quantities of 250, is $524 for the FNP1500-48 and $581 for the FNP1800-48. Evaluation units are available from stock. RoHS-compliant models are scheduled for Q1 of 2006.

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