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Joint Venture to Manufacture EMC Filters in China

EPCOS, a manufacturer of passive electronic components, and the Chinese components manufacturer Beijing Jones have set up the joint venture EPCOS-Jones Co. Ltd. The joint venture will manufacture filters that ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

EPCOS currently holds a 55% stake in the joint venture. EMC filters manufactured by EPCOS-Jones will be marketed exclusively via the EPCOS sales organization. Products made by the joint venture will be used mainly in telecom equipment, industrial and consumer electronics, and computers and peripherals. Thanks to the new joint venture, EPCOS now offers its customers in China local research and development services in EMC as well. The range of services also is extended because customers now have access to an EMC test lab in China.

EPCOS-Jones will be headquartered in the Economic and Technical Development Zone of Beijing. Along with Hong Kong and Shanghai, Beijing has now emerged as one of China’s largest industrial centers. China as a whole is progressively developing into a global production center for entire industries. Not surprisingly, China is today the electronics industry’s fastest-growing regional market, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%.

EPCOS holds a 20% share of the market for EMC components in Europe. The volume of the growing global EMC market served by EPCOS today exceeds EUR 400 million. Europe accounts for more than two-thirds of the total EMC market. China, however, is expecting the greatest growth rates with annual increases in the double-digit percentage range.

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