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JMC Expands Quiet Cooling Fan Technology

JMC Products has expanded its Panther quiet cooling fan technology to new form factors, ranging from 60 mm up to 92 mm.

Panther fans operate by converting a conventional low frequency signal to a high-frequency signal. By operating at switching levels above 20 kHz, Panther fans produce a soft commutation that results in a quiet operation above the audible range for human hearing. High-frequency, silent operation is achieved when running Panther fans at low speeds.

At a fixed low speed, a Panther fan measures a 1-3 decrease in sound pressure, as measured in decibals, over a standard dc fan of the same form factor.

Panther fan technology is available in a low speed 60 mm x15 mm, 60 mm x25 mm, 70 mm x15 mm, 70 mm x 25 mm, 80 mm x15 mm, 80 mm x 25 mm, and 92 mm x 25 mm. These fixed speed fans are ideal for applications that run at low temperatures such as consumer electronics, medical devices, and numerous electronic enclosures where silent operation is required. The Panther fan design is a highly efficient, direct design with a single-phase motor and bipolar drive that allows the fan to operate at a low current level.

For more information, visit www.jmcproducts.com.

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