Power Electronics

Isolated 1-W DC-DC Converter Suits Motor Control Applications

Texas Instruments recently announced a new 1-W isolated, unregulated dc-dc converter in a miniature package. The new module operates from a 5-V input, features dual polarity 7-V outputs and is suitable for motor control. The DCP010507DB also provides highly effective point-of-load power conversion and ground loop elimination for noise-sensitive applications.

The module provides up to 85% efficiency and meets UL1950 specifications with 1-kVrms isolation and EN55022 Class B EMC performance. Supporting an operating temperature range of -40°C to 100°C, the module provides both thermal shutdown and short-circuit protection, as well as device-to-device synchronization control for applications with multiple converters.

The ±7-V output allows digital designers to incorporate a low-cost linear regulator to provide very low noise power to digital circuits and a true zero when used with op amps. This new converter can also be configured as a single-output 14-V converter.

The module uses reliable semiconductor lead-frame construction and a highly integrated package design with a power density of 2.4 W/cm³. The DCP010507DB comes in Pb-free/RoHS JEDEC PDIP-14 and SO-14 gull-wing packages. Available now, pricing starts from $5.90 in 1000-piece quantities.

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