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Introducing Keynote Speakers for This Year's Conference

Introducing Keynote Speakers for This Year's Conference


Introducing Keynote Speakers for This Year's Conference

Power Electronics Technology Exhibition & Conference 2003 is proud to announce that the following leaders in our industry will copresent the Keynote Address on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2003, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, Calif.

Mr. Trey Burns, Vice President, Worldwide Technologies—Artesyn Technologies “Are You Ready for the Future.” Will power electronics engineers have the tools, the skills and the technologies needed to continue to deliver attractive solutions? In this keynote address, we will explore this question and offer one view of the challenges facing power electronics engineers in the near future.

Mr. Alex Lidow, CEO—International Rectifier “Systems Approach to Solving Challenges in DC/DC Technology.” This presentation will address specific needs for power management systems, new control methods for PFC, a path to further integration for both DC/DC and AC/DC and scalable architecture that yields shorter design cycles, lowers costs and improves densities.

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