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Internet SPICE Simulation Now Available

AEi Systems, Los Angeles, has introduced webSPICE™, a software product that enables interactive analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation over the Internet. Semiconductor vendors can use webSPICE to assist design engineers worldwide with product selection and the viewing of customized applications circuits over the Web. The software enhances communication of product performance, allowing engineers to customize and simulate circuits for products they are interested in buying. It also allows engineers to obtain information without resorting to prototyping or technical support from the vendor’s application engineering group.

The software resides and runs on the host company’s server with minimal schematic and post-processing functions running client-side. It supports Cadence’s PSpice, Intusoft’s IsSpice, and SPICE 3 as the back-end simulator. It can use models and circuit syntax supported by these simulators. A custom file architecture using XML and XSL technology allows new webSPICE circuit designs to be added to the vendor’s Web site in just a few hours.

This tool can help to simulate any circuit that can normally be simulated by a SPICE simulator. Analyses such as ac, dc, transient, noise, distortion, and sensitivity are available. Simulations run using the industry-standard SPICE program are typically completed in less than 30 sec.

For more information on AEi Systems, call (310) 216-1144 or visit www.AENG.com.

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