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International Rectifier's New Technology Breakthrough Simplifies Power Management Design

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - International Rectifier (NYSE: IRF) today introduced iPOWIR™ technology, a whole new way to design on-board DC-DC converters for computing and communications equipment.

Power demands for digital ICs are constantly increasing while size of converters to power these ICs must be minimized. IR's iPOWIR technology is a breakthrough in power density, efficiency and simplicity for power conversion. With iPOWIR technology, all layout-critical power semiconductor and passive components of the circuit are integrated to form complete functional building blocks, reducing converter size as well as simplifying and reducing power system design time.

Typical iP2001 applications include power supply circuits for desktop, server and workstation CPUs, as well as network processing units (NPUs) and application-specific ICs (ASICs) used in networking, telecom switchers and routers.

"The iPOWIR architecture is an example of IR's power management expertise in all areas and is much more than simply integrating functions. Benchmark power semiconductors are matched with control ICs, optimized packaging and advanced system design. Only when all of these aspects are combined can complete functionality be bundled into a tiny, easy to design solution. International Rectifier's iPOWIR architecture gives our customers the simplest path to the highest power density," said Gene Sheridan, International Rectifier Vice President of Application Sector Management.

The First iPOWIR(tm) Device

The iP2001 is the first iPOWIR component, a high-current, multiphase DC-DC converter power building block, housed in an 11mm square package. The term multiphase refers to an advanced power management technique for high-current power supply systems in which the total load is shared evenly between several phases. For example, a two-phase, 30 amp power supply using the multiphase technique would have two phasing circuits running 15 amps each.

"The new generation of power hungry ICs are forcing the use of more complex power conversion circuits than ever before. This means the interaction between the analog ICs with power components is critical, even stray inductances between discrete components can cause significant performance variations. This causes the designer considerable layout difficulties in obtaining the highest performance. The integration of the layout critical ICs and power components with iPOWIR technology offers the designer a layout independent solution that is small, quick and easy to design with," said Chris Bull, Senior Product Marketing Manager responsible for the iPOWIR product range.

The iPOWIR architecture can increase DC-DC conversion efficiency by as much 6%, reduce power loss as much as 25% and shrink size from 44 to 58% when compared to some circuits using discrete components or modules.

Future Developments

"New iPOWIR solutions will enable power supply designers to achieve higher current density, hitting 20 and even 25 amps in existing form factors. The iP2001 is only the first chapter in this very innovative and flexible platform, which can be applied to any power conversion system where design simplicity and power density are of paramount importance," Bull continued.


At present IR is alpha sampling this new technology with mass sample availability due in June/July 2001. Production is scheduled for Q4 2001.

Trademark Notice

IR(r) and HEXFET(r) are registered trademarks of International Rectifier Corporation. All other product names noted herein may be trademarks of their respective holders.

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