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International Conference and Exhibition on Automotive Network Architecture in Frankfurt on 23 March 2010

International Conference and Exhibition on Automotive Network Architecture will offer an insight into the latest and future MOST® (Media Oriented Systems Transport) Technology solutions and studies covering a broad field of topics with a wide range of information. In his keynote speech, Mr. Jens Koetz of Audi AG will present the development and production launch of MOST150 from an OEM's perspective. "Attendees may look forward to several pioneering announcements and study results," states Dr. Wolfgang Bott, Technical Coordinator of the MOST Cooperation. "As knowledge partner, the MOST Cooperation encourages all infotainment and networking experts to attend this international conference and exhibition. Top professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia will exchange information and results of their recent work on this widely used infotainment networking technology." The broad audience will reach from researchers, designers, engineers, system developers, to purchasers and journalists, and to the managers of the industries involved.

In the exhibition area various companies will present their innovative MOST solutions and applications. Amongst the exhibitors will be the MOST Cooperation demonstrating the wide range of use and applications that MOST150 supports. Further exhibits will be by AUDI AG, Avago Technologies, BMW Group, Daimler AG, Dension Audio Systems, GADV, ICT Software Engineering, K2L, Ruetz System Solutions, SMSC, TOYODA GOSEI, Vector Informatik, and others.

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