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Infiniband-Compliant Hot Swap Controller

Infiniband-Compliant Hot Swap Controller

5/19/2003 Edited byPETech Staff Infiniband-Compliant Hot Swap Controller Maxim Integrated Products’ new MAX8533 is the smallest 12V, infiniband-compliant, hot-swap controller and power sequencer currently available. Offering bilevel current protection and overvoltage protection, it resides on a line card and manages the power transfer when the card is inserted or removed from the live-power backplane. The MAX8533's protection features permit reliable, real-time monitoring of blade servers, RAID cards, and network switch or router line cards.

Its adjustable soft-start ramp limits inrush current, which protects the backplane voltage from glitches. It also provides bilevel current protection for overcurrent (OC) and severe overcurrent (SOC) conditions. In the presence of overcurrent conditions, it provides a regulated current output for a programmed time before latching off. In addition, it responds to severe overcurrent or dead short faults within 100 ns.

The MAX8533 also features unique, adjustable overvoltage protection to protect itself and the downstream dc-dc controllers. An absolute maximum rating of 16V allows it to withstand inductive-kickback voltages during board removal. Two enable inputs, EN (logic enable) and LPEN (local-power enable) and a POK (power good) output, provide flexible sequencing.

The MAX8533EUB is available in a 10-pin microMAX package—50% smaller than competing packages—and is specified for the extended-industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C).

For more information, visit www.maxim-ic.com.

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