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Infineon Technologies and Fairchild Semiconductor Expand Power MOSFET Compatibility Partnership

Infineon Technologies and Fairchild Semiconductor announced the extension of their compatibility partnership to encompass Infineon's proprietary 5x6 power stage asymmetric dual MOSFET package. Infineon's PowerStage 5x6 is a leadless SMD package, which integrates the low-side and high-side MOSFET of a synchronous DC/DC converter into a 5x6mm² package outline. This allows reduction in design area by up to 85%. The package also minimizes loop inductance and thereby achieves a peak efficiency of 93.5%.

This extended collaboration which began in 2010 is intended to provide customers supply chain security while balancing the drive towards best-in-class efficiency and thermal performance in DC-DC buck conversion. It takes advantage of the expertise both companies offer in asymmetric dual MOSFETs which can handle over 30A and increase power density.

"Fairchild and Infineon have standardized the pin-out, providing customers a secure supply chain for their high efficiency design needs in the computing, telecom and server markets," said Richard Kuncic, Senior Director Low Voltage Power Conversion at Infineon Technologies. "This package alignment is staged to deliver performance leading products in a multi-source, industry standard package."

"We are pleased to have added these enhancements to our PowerTrench technology", said Joe Montalbo, Fairchild's Vice President and General Manager, Consumer, Communications and Industrial, Low Voltage. "This partnership with Infineon, along with the standardized pin-outs, helps to improve the value proposition of this product line and makes it more compelling to our customers."

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