Power Electronics

Industrial-Grade UPS Targets Global Applications

A series of industrial-grade buffer and dc uninterruptible power supplies produce reliable 24-V supplies as commonly required in many factory applications throughout the world. The Quint Buffer and Quint DC-UPS from Phoenix Contact ensure continuous operation of all 24-V equipment during power interruptions lasting anywhere from a few seconds to several hours.

These supplies prevent unstable power grids from causing failures in international applications. A buffer module and three UPS modules provide the appropriate response to varying demands on output current and buffer time. For power interruptions lasting up to 4 sec, the Quint Buffer module delivers the required current from maintenance-free electrolytic capacitators. This approach handles brief power outages with minimal expense. The Quint DC-UPS module responds to longer outages with durable, hybrid, lead-acid storage batteries. The hybrid-style battery provides longer life expectancy and less maintenance than standard lead-acid batteries.

One version of the DC-UPS module offers a 10-A output and includes an integrated 1.3-Ah battery. There are also 20-A and 40-A models, which can be combined with 3.4-Ah, 7.2-Ah and 12-Ah battery modules as desired. Dividing smaller batteries into ‘buffered’ and ‘unbuffered’ loads can save money and take up less space in the control cabinet. For more information, visit www.phoenixcon.com or call the company’s Technical Service Department at 800-322-3225.

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