Power Electronics

Improved Productivity of Battery Manufacturing Process

Galaxy Power’s QuickForm is an extension of the QuickSaver product line used in battery formation. QuickForm forms batteries faster and with less energy while producing better-performing batteries that last longer and are more reliable than those formed with standard methods.

QuickForm quickly and precisely forms batteries, which is important because battery manufacturers know exactly when a battery is fully formed. QuickForm uses information such as that used in Galaxy’s patented QuickSaver product line to monitor the battery throughout the formation process. Standard forming is based on time and often does little or no monitoring of the battery.

QuickForm was used in a control experiment. The experiment formed a stationary flooded lead acid 50Ah 6V battery in 30% less time using 30% less energy while at the same time lowering the battery’s peak temperature by 5°F, yielding over 5% more capacity. Galaxy Power’s QuickForm algorithms for newly assembled batteries save battery manufacturers time, energy, and floor space, producing higher-quality batteries and yields.

For more information, visit www.galaxypower.com.

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