Power Electronics

IGBT Power Modules Optimize System Efficiency

Advanced Power Technology Europe recently announced a line of field stop, trench gate IGBT standard power modules. These new products broaden the company’s offering of 600-V products in the SP3 and SP6-P, and introduce a complete new line of 600-V, 1200-V and 1700-V devices in SP4 and SP6 packages.

All these products offer minimum VCE(SAT) saturation voltage (typically 1.5 V for 600 V, 1.7 V for 1200 V and 2 V for 1700 V). They are dedicated to low-frequency operation where overall system efficiency is a concern. The ideal switching frequency is 20 kHz for 600-V products, 10 kHz to 20 kHz for 1200-V products and up to 10 kHz for 1700-V products.

These modules are offered in buck, boost, dual buck, dual boost, dual common source, phase leg, full bridge, asymmetrical bridge, triple phase leg and triple dual common source configurations. Current ratings range from 20 A to 600 A for 600-V devices, 50 A to 400 A for 1200-V devices and from 50 A to 300 A for 1700-V devices, all rated with a TC of 80°C.

Applications for this extended family include motor drives, UPSs, welders, plasma cutters, solar inverters, inductive heating, solid state relays for 3-phase mains and other applications where low conduction is of primary concern. Samples are available now. Pricing for 1000 pieces ranges from $17 to $120.

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