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Ideas for energy efficient building tech can get DoE funding

The National Energy Technology Laboratory’s Building and Efficiency Technologies Div. issued six funding opportunity announcements to develop and deploy building efficiency technologies.

Three of the FOAs issued by NETL address the need for more energy-efficient lighting, while the remaining three FOAs focus on other building efficiencies, such as advanced heating and cooling systems.

The first lighting FOA focuses on core technology research into lighting technologies, with special attention to efficiency, performance, and cost. The second FOA addresses product development into either complete lighting units or individual components. The third lighting FOA concerns U.S. manufacturing.

The first building-efficiency FOA includes component-only research topics, but the major focus is on how the parts complement each other to create a complete energy efficient housing system.The second FOA seeks industry teams to implement the Building America Program’s research into developing cost-effective solutions that will reduce a home’s average energy use by 40–100%. Read more:

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