Power Electronics

IC-style POLs Operate from Wide Input Voltage Range

Delta Electronics has introduced the IPM24S, a nonisolated, fully integrated, cost-effective point-of-load power module (POL) into its Delphi Series of board-mounted dc-dc converters. The Delphi Series IPM24S family of product provides up to 3 A or 20 W of output in an industry standard, IC-style molded package.

The IPM24S POLs operate from an 8-V to 36-V source and provide a wide range of output voltages in three separate series. The 0A0-series models generate a 1.2-V to 2.5-V output; the 0B0-series models, a 3.3-V to 6.5-V output; and the 0C0 models a 8-V to15-V output. The units are offered in a 0.7-in. × 0.591-in. SMD or SIP. A copper pad on the back of the module, in close contact with the internal heat dissipation components, provides excellent thermal performance, as well as high reliability.

The IC-like IPM24S units offer up to 91% efficiency of at full load. In OEM quantities of 1000 pieces, the unit price is $5.85. For details on sample availability, contact the company. Standard lead-time for this product is from stock to 8 weeks, depending on the volume.

For more information, visit www.delta.com.tw/dcdc/.

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