Power Electronics

IC Optimizes Power Management in MP3 Players

Freescale Semiconductor’s MPC18730 power management chip is tailored to power MP3 players. The IC minimizes power consumption by using two dc-dc converters to generate the main supply voltages and three LDOs for the auxiliary rails. All five supplies are digitally controlled with digital-to-analog converters (DACs) through a serial interface. The serial interface also controls multiple power save modes such as sleep, wake-up and on/off. Standby supply current is just 5 µA.

The MPC18730 operates from either a single-cell Li-ion cell (2.7-V to 4.2-V input range) or a single cell Ni-MH or alkaline cell (0.9-V to 2.2-V input range).

"With a minimum operating voltage of 0.9 V, it's possible to operate a portable device with just one battery, ultimately reducing the size of the device or extending the use," said Demetre Kondylis, general manager for Freescale's Sensors & Analog Products Division.

The MPC18730 uses SMARTMOS technology and integrates all functions into a single chip and a 9-mm × 9-mm 64-pin QFN. The MPC18730 is now in production. The suggested resale price for 10,000-piece quantities is $2.49. For more information on the MPC18730, see www.freescale.com/files/pr/mpc18730.html.

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