Power Electronics

IC Developer Readies for First Introductions of Power Management Devices

Zilker Labs, a fabless semiconductor company with mixed-signal design expertise, expects to introduce its first products— power management ICs— by July. These power management ICs are being developed in a 0.25-µm CMOS process. A founding member of the Power Management bus (PMBus) initiative, Zilker Labs recently confirmed that its power management solutions will support the PMBus standard for powers systems control.

“At Zilker Labs, we are focused on resolving the issues system designers face due to increasingly complicated power management and control demands. Our unique mixed-signal technology allows us to provide features and performance not possible with either traditional analog or pure digital implementations,” said Bob Bridge, CEO of Zilker Labs. “We see the PMBus standard as the next step in easing our customers’ challenges.”

At the recent Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exhibition (APEC) in Austin, Texas, Zilker Labs and National Instruments demonstrated a power supply and LabVIEW-based interface using the PMBus standard.

For more information, visit www.zilkerlabs.com.

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