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IBM, Intersil Announce Foundry Services Agreement

IBM Microelectronics and Intersil Corporation recently entered into a multiyear foundry services agreement. The companies plan to install Intersil semiconductor process technology in IBM’s Burlington, Vt., chip manufacturing facility. IBM will serve as a second source manufacturer for Intersil's Endura power management integrated circuits (ICs).

Intersil's Endura ICs power CPUs, chip sets, memory, graphics, buses and ports for desktop PCs, servers and portable computing appliances. Devices that regulate power and charge batteries in handheld equipment, power systems in broadband gateways and PC peripherals, including graphics cards, are also part of Intersil's power management IC portfolio.

IBM plans to reserve capacity for Intersil's power management ICs manufactured in Intersil's P6 process. Over the life of the agreement, however, the parties may extend the agreement to cover additional processes, including potentially jointly developed processes. The agreement marks an expansion of IBM's foundry services capabilities into power management and other high-performance analog applications. IBM plans to begin manufacturing Intersil's power management ICs in the first quarter next year.

For more information, visit www.intersil.com or www.ibm.com.

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