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Hot-Swap Controllers Target +48-V Backplanes

Micrel Semiconductor has expanded its lineup of power controllers for telecom and server applications with the introduction of two +48-V single-channel hot-swap controllers. The MIC2586 and MIC2587 provide safe insertion and removal of boards from +48-V backplanes, permitting operation from supplies up to +80 V with surge protection up to 100 V. These controllers offer capabilities similar to those of the company’s -48-V hot-swap controllers (MIC2588 and MIC2594).

Offered in a 14-pin SOP, the MIC2586 can sequence up to three dc-dc converters by exploiting a user-programmable delay. Fault protection includes latch off and auto-retry options. In addition, the controller offers a choice of active high (MIC2586-1) or active low (MIC2586-2) fault reporting.

For applications that don’t require the sequencing function, the MIC2587 is a pin-for-pin functional equivalent to the LT1641 from Linear Technology. Housed in an 8-pin SOP, this part offers similar fault protection and fault reporting as the MIC2586.

Other features of the MIC2586/2587 include electronic circuit breaker functionality with programmable inrush current limiting, active current regulation to minimize inrush, and less than 1 µs response time to short circuits. The controllers also offer programmable undervoltage and overvoltage input detection.

For more information, visit www.micrel.com or contact [email protected]

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